Offices 230m2
spare parts storehouse       *
workshop                            *
repair shop                          *
kitchen and dinning room    *
saw sharpening shop  _      *                                           685 m2
covered steel production hall 970m2 – frame saw (gatter)
covered steel production hall 810m2 – long band saw (brenta)
uncovered steel (canopy) storehouse for natural wood drying - 650m2
boiler room 75m2
steam room for wood 111m2, or 2 chambers x 30m3 stacks
wood dryer with 2 chambers x100m3 and 1 chamber capacity 50 m3 of stacks
wood dryer with thermal pasteurization capacity 2 chambers x 30m3 = 60m3 stacks for drying, or 2 chambers x 500 EUR palettes for 24h for pasteurization under Internation Standard ISPM - 15

steel sawdust silo capacity 230 m3

electric power station - 200 kw
electric power station - 800 kw
uncovered storehouse place cca 2000m2 for storing raw material - logs, and cca 2000m2 for drying semi products