Palette production is performed in department B.
We produce pallets in all dimensions as well as EUR paletts.

This department is able to produce all palette elements and assemble them to capacity of one loaded truck, i.e. 506 pallets type EUR – 1200x800x144.



This process with thermal treatment under the International Standard ISPM – 15 for export involves 25 workers in one shift. For information, 506 EUR pallets are made of 23m3 of wood elements cut in defined dimensions.

This department easily produces this quantity of defined pallets. For production of 23m3 of elements for EUR palettes, it is necessary to process 35m3 of poplar logs with approximately purchase price of 50Eur/m3, i.e. 1750Eur.


This quantity of logs makes income of 3.900Eur from thermal treated palettes with minimal trade price of 7Eur/pcs, and from other palettes II and III class of about 340Eur.


Otherwise, it is unknown that anyone else in Vojvodina can produce 500 EUR palletes in one shift.

Exchange rate: 1Eur = 89 dinars, November 2008.