Technical – technological production process is organized in 3 independent and compatible departments: department A, department B and dryers.

A department is equipped with the following:

• long band saw (brenta) 1400mm
• band saw 1600mm
• automatic logs slipway
• computerized programming of cut thickness
• integral transport regulated by automatic    cylindrical transporters
• automatic circular saws
• + other machines and tools


In this department, it is recommended to process logs with higher diameters from 350mm – 1400mm (optimal above 600mm). This department is able to process around 45m3 logs / 1 shift into different types of boards. 9 workmen /1 shift are necessary for this process. Market price for service work of softwood is 20 – 20 Eur/m3 (45m3x20-25Eur=900-1125Eur) with 9 workmen/ 1 shift.

This department is suitable for primary processing of noble woods (oak, ash …) and other exotic woods where the processing price is 20% higher compared to softwoods (25-35 Eur/m3). This department has trimming and edging line for “fine” processing of hardwoods into highly selective wood sortiments – furniture elements, parquet elements.

Production hall has 810m3 surface, canopy (storehouse) has 650m2 surface.

B department is equipped with the following:

• frame saw (gatter) 680mm, 13 saws
• automatic income and outcome cylindrical transporters
• sawdust transporters
• circular saw p9-
• automatic circular saw AC
• metal worktable for assembling all types of palettes
• pneumatic nail guns for nailing all types of palettes (6 nail guns)
• + other machines and tools

In this department, it is able to process around 35m3 of logs in one shift, depending on logs thickness, logs class, and cut thickness required for desired boards – elements.

This process requires logs in diameters of 300 – 400mm, in length - more than 2 meters.  This process requires 9 workmen / 1 shift.



This process includes processed and arranged boards, cleaned and packed wood waste for firing, sawdust loaded into trailers for transport, production line prepared for the next shift.

Market price for service work of softwood processing is 20-25Eur/m3 (35m3x20-25Eur=700-875Eur) with 9 workmen / 1 shift.



Production Hall has 970m2 surface.

Processing plant also includes:

Wood dryers:
1. dryer (capacity 250m3 – 2x100m3 + 50m3)
2. dryer (capacity 60m3 – 2x30m3)
Steam room (capacity 2x30m3)

Boiler room: equipped with 2 boilers x 750KW, total power 1,5MW,  provides necessary heat energy for dryers, steam rooms, thermal treatment, production halls, offices, dinning room and workshops. Boilers use raw and dried wood waste that is left after primary wood processing (bark, sawdust, etc.).  

Saw sharpening shop – includes needed tools for sharpening, ironing and servicing of all saws.

Vehicle fleet: 1 articulated truck with crane for transporting logs from forest to processing plant, 2 trucks with cranes for transporting logs from depot to processing departments, 2 forklift trucks.