Wood dryers:

Dryer no.1 – 3 chambers (250m3): 2x100m3 and 1x50m3
Dryer no.2 – 2 chambers (60m3): 2x30m3

Dryer no.2 has installed equipment for thermal treatment of wood, under International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures ISPM – 15.

These chambers are used for palette thermal treatment and marking for export (mark IPPC ES-024 HT KD). It is not able to export the goods to European market without the certification of thermal treatment and marking of wooden palettes.



These chambers are able to thermally treat 2x500=1000 pcs of palettes – dimension 1200x800, in 24 hours. Thermal treatment price is from 0.6-1Eur/pcs.

Boards drying price starts from 40Eur/m3 for softwood, up to 100Eur/m3 for hardwood. Duration of drying depends of board thickness, humidity and wood rigidity.




Example: poplar board with thickness of 32-38mm dries for 10-15 days, and oak board with same size needs around 45 days. Equipment for wood drying and thermal treatment is automated.

Wood steam rooms – 2 chambers x 30m3 of stacks. Beech, acacia, walnut are steaming in these chambers. Duration of light steaming is up to 5 days. Steaming price is similar to drying price.